Sunny & 70…

San Diego has it’s mojo back folks! We are back to warmth and sunshine once again.

To all my back east/frozen tundra friends and followers hope this tune will warm you up, as well…lol

Reflections Of San Diego

Click the album cover photo to hear Sunny & 70 and other tunes from our debut CD.

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  1. so glad the weather has warmed up. i’m pretty much over the flu, but the cold weather, plus doing a couple of gigs outside in the cold, have kept me from totally recovering from it and i had a couple of slight relapses. 😉

      1. I did but I was running 102˚ fever with that flu that’s been sweeping the country. I did see some nifty things though, especially Steven Slates new Raven Touch Console. Go dial up some youtube’s on that Mike, it’s really cool I had some hands on time with it.

      2. “Bummer…it has been so nice down here…we were BBQing watching football in shorts today(not trying to rub it in) wouldve been cool to meet up if we were going. Have you been before?”

        Oh yeah, I’m from So Cal. I lived in Vista for two years but I’m From the San Gabriel Vally.

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