Today’s IPod Workout

Did a quick 30 minute workout this morning, of course, with IPod on shuffle…all 8,000 songs. The shuffle was pretty eclectic, but, awesome. I feel lucky that I can listen to so many diverse musics and get a connection with all.

It went from jazz to classical/opera to Blues to Grunge to New Age to Pop to 70’s Spacey Synth.


“Nature Boy” -George Benson

Benson’s cover of the standard

“Ruckertlieder/1 Ich atmet einen linden Duft”-Mahler

I have never been much of an opera buff mostly cause I am just not into lyrics in general. But, Mahler, one of my favorite composers sets such a great orchestra arrangement to support the vocal.

“You Know I Love You” -BB King

BB doing his thing!

“All Secrets Known” -Alice In Chains

AIC is definitely my favorite of all the grunge bands and they are still going strong with a new album to be released in 2013. They may not have had the social impact of a Nirvana or Pearl Jam, but, in my opinion, were vastly superior musically to most of the top grunge bands.

“Rikki’s Shuffle” -Michael Hedges

If you are a guitar fan and don’t know Michael Hedges you really need to check him out! Although he falls into the New Age category, he was truly a virtuoso with a unique style. He is known for using a harp guitar, several tunings and lots of hammering techniques.

“Love Will Keep Us Alive” -The Eagles

The Eagles are the Eagles, many great hits, of course. But, when they wrote sappy songs they really went sappy! Of these songs my favorites are the ones sung by Timothy B Schmidt. Although he joined the band later in 1977 his voice has become an integral part of their sound ever since. Probably best featured on, “I Cant Tell you Why”

“Dream Weaver “-Gary Wright

I was always drawn to these spacey synth driven songs

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