Last Summer Night

Dear Everyone, (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway)

I am sorry to report that our beloved summer is in its waning hours. Today is the last day.

Fall is great and all with football, baseball playoffs, the holidays and all, but, summer is the best. Swimming, the beaches flip-flops, warm nights.

Who am I kidding its always Sunny & 70 in San Diego.

Still gonna miss you summer, see you next year!

Enjoy, the last night of summer everyone!

Nice Way to Start a Day! “Day at the Beach”

This was a cool way to kick off a Thursday! Watching KNSD 7/39 News and hearing my song, “Day at the Beach,” on their broadcast.

Try your favorite online music player to hear the song. I believe it is on Rhapsody not sure where else…but, let me know where you find it! For those of you so inclined to buy check out the ITunes link on the side widget===========>>

Day at the Beach on KNSD

Music to Relax, Spring has Sprung, Copland “Appalachian Spring”

SpringWelcome to Spring everyone!

I know for those of you back East it was an extremely rough winter. In San Diego not so much we had our bits of rain and frost, but, also plenty of 70 degree plus days, as well.

(Shameless plug, “Sunny & 70“)

Thought I would honor the first day of Spring with Aaron Copland’s famous piece, “Appalachian Spring.” Beautiful melodies, lush orchestration and a pastoral setting of Americana, including his use of the Shaker tune, “A Gift to be Simple.”

Copland was a very innovative composer of the 20th Century, however, became known for and remembered much more for his ‘romanticized,’ settings of Americana which only accounted for a brief period of his compositional output. If you are interested try the following link for a different look into Copland’s work.

Who’s ready for summer?


Sunny & 70…

San Diego has it’s mojo back folks! We are back to warmth and sunshine once again.

To all my back east/frozen tundra friends and followers hope this tune will warm you up, as well…lol

Reflections Of San Diego

Click the album cover photo to hear Sunny & 70 and other tunes from our debut CD.

Slayen & Fox “Sunny & 70” on KNSD Morning News

Did you watch KNSD 7/39 Morning News yesterday? If you did you would have heard Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo.

5:25 AM as they came back from commercial one of my tunes, “Sunny & 70” was aired as Jason Austell described the scene outside the KNSD building on Broadway just north of Horton Plaza.

Thanks to everyone at KNSD especially @djtikiNBCSD (twitter) She’s super cool and easy to work with…and always looking for local music to all my colleagues out there!

KNSD is doing a lot to promote local music with shows like SoundDiego which airs after Saturday Night Live on Saturday evenings make sure you check out the show or set your DVR!

If you did not get to see “Sunny & 70” broadcast live check out the link below…and of course watch KNSD News all day. You never know when they’ll air us again!

Sunny & 70 braodcast on KNSD Morning News July 10, 2012


Tough Day at the Office: Weekend Gigs: Estancia La Jolla and Orfila Winery

At risk of appearing self promoting of my own song, this was a typical beautiful weekend in San Diego…as the saying, and song, goes…“Sunny & 70.” Perfect weather for performing and that’s just what I did. Two awesome events!

View of gardens from my seat at Estancia La Jolla
View of gardens from my seat at Estancia La Jolla

First, Saturday evening I played Estancia La Jolla an incredible hotel & spa overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, a rehearsal dinner for a really nice family and their friends. Enjoyed a nice chat with one of the patriarchs of the family a musician who loves Spanish guitar especially the composer Joaquin Rodrigo. Wish I had a symphony with me so I could play the “Concierto de Aranjuez” for him although I did play him a little of the theme from the second movement and blended it into some other songs, as well. Very fun gig, I got to represent a lot of different genres playing a mix of classical, Latin jazz, flamenco and pop.

Wedding Ceremony at Orfila Winery
Wedding Ceremony at Orfila Winery

Sunday, I got another chance to enjoy playing in the San Diego climate, this time across town, North County Inland, at Orfila Winery in Escondido. Played classical guitar for a wedding ceremony overlooking the scenic vineyards including pieces by Handle, Bach and Scarlatti. Added bonus…I got to hear San Diego guitar legend Peter Sprague play some jazz with a band featuring his brother Tripp on winds, Duncan Moore on drums and Gunnar Biggs on bass. Wish I had more time to stay and enjoy their set!


Congrats to both couples I wish them the best and hope to see them at some performances in the future. Hopefully play for their anniversaries years down the road.