Tough Day at the Office: Weekend Gigs: Estancia La Jolla and Orfila Winery

At risk of appearing self promoting of my own song, this was a typical beautiful weekend in San Diego…as the saying, and song, goes…“Sunny & 70.” Perfect weather for performing and that’s just what I did. Two awesome events!

View of gardens from my seat at Estancia La Jolla
View of gardens from my seat at Estancia La Jolla

First, Saturday evening I played Estancia La Jolla an incredible hotel & spa overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, a rehearsal dinner for a really nice family and their friends. Enjoyed a nice chat with one of the patriarchs of the family a musician who loves Spanish guitar especially the composer Joaquin Rodrigo. Wish I had a symphony with me so I could play the “Concierto de Aranjuez” for him although I did play him a little of the theme from the second movement and blended it into some other songs, as well. Very fun gig, I got to represent a lot of different genres playing a mix of classical, Latin jazz, flamenco and pop.

Wedding Ceremony at Orfila Winery
Wedding Ceremony at Orfila Winery

Sunday, I got another chance to enjoy playing in the San Diego climate, this time across town, North County Inland, at Orfila Winery in Escondido. Played classical guitar for a wedding ceremony overlooking the scenic vineyards including pieces by Handle, Bach and Scarlatti. Added bonus…I got to hear San Diego guitar legend Peter Sprague play some jazz with a band featuring his brother Tripp on winds, Duncan Moore on drums and Gunnar Biggs on bass. Wish I had more time to stay and enjoy their set!


Congrats to both couples I wish them the best and hope to see them at some performances in the future. Hopefully play for their anniversaries years down the road.

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