Best Aerosmith Song

Best Aerosmith Song?                                                       

Well, it is a little late in the game but you can still cast a vote for the finale.

“Dream On” is facing “Sweet Emotion” for title of best Aerosmith song.

Dream On is obviously Aerosmith’s pinnacle epic type song and is a great tune with great lyrics and Joe Perry’s signature guitar licks. Sweet Emotion is one of their best rockin’ tunes. Again with great lyrics, guitar riffs and solos.

One could argue their most Iconic song is Walk This Way.  Everything about this song is stand out. It is a seriously groovin’ rock song. Joey Kramer’s opening drum riff is as recognizable as any drum line ever and the guitar riff occupies a spot as one of the greatest of all time. Steven Tyler was rapping before rapping was rapping…leading to their triumphant resurgence in the 80’s when the boys from Boston teamed up with Run DMC to remake their 70’s classic.

Although there are lots of great songs to choose from their late 80’s to modern day output I think the best Aerosmith song has to come from the 70’s when they were changing the world.

Dream On        Sweet Emotions       Walk This Way

If you have any other thoughts leave me a comment and make sure you go to their site and vote for your all time favorite.

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