Presidential Campaign 2012, Romney v Obama (Scherzino Falsetto)

As the political season heads Down the Stretch it looks like this tight Presidential race will be a Thriller to The End. Most of us in America from Coast to Coast have become Comfortably Numb after being Kicked in the Teeth by the Promises and Little Lies of both candidates. One Way or Another one of these two men will be our President for the next four years. Americans will be Living on a Prayer that the winner keeps the Taxman away from our Money, but, you would be Fooling Yourself!…. I Wish them both the best as one of them heads to DC and the other Politician returns to either Massachusetts or Sweet Home Chicago. Romney hopes Obama is Movin’ Out. Obama hopes Romney will be Heading out to the Highway. Sad But True one of these FINE men will be Slip Slidin’ Away and the other living in the Limelight.

After hearing from these two for some Time now Americans surely think they are both Dazed and Confused, Heartless

Two Fools A Minute

Fools and just plain Crazy.

The pair keep going Round and Round. Their Jive Talkin’ is a Roundabout way of giving Americans the RunaroundI Cant Explain why they don’t just Say what they mean to say. You Might Think it’s a Communication Breakdown that every thing they say sounds all Do Whacka Do. Well, it’s not the Twilight Zone. They are hoping that voters will Surrender when they become All Shook Up from their blah blah blah, Talk Talk and not see either man’s True Colors

I’m a Believer if you think Life’s Been Good the last four years you will vote for Obama. If not you would like to say Good Riddance to Obama and vote for Romney.

When the election is over hopefully we can all Come Together and Have a Drink on Me!

God Bless America!

My name is Mike Slayen and I fully endorse all songs in this message.

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Best Aerosmith Song

Best Aerosmith Song?                                                       

Well, it is a little late in the game but you can still cast a vote for the finale.

“Dream On” is facing “Sweet Emotion” for title of best Aerosmith song.

Dream On is obviously Aerosmith’s pinnacle epic type song and is a great tune with great lyrics and Joe Perry’s signature guitar licks. Sweet Emotion is one of their best rockin’ tunes. Again with great lyrics, guitar riffs and solos.

One could argue their most Iconic song is Walk This Way.  Everything about this song is stand out. It is a seriously groovin’ rock song. Joey Kramer’s opening drum riff is as recognizable as any drum line ever and the guitar riff occupies a spot as one of the greatest of all time. Steven Tyler was rapping before rapping was rapping…leading to their triumphant resurgence in the 80’s when the boys from Boston teamed up with Run DMC to remake their 70’s classic.

Although there are lots of great songs to choose from their late 80’s to modern day output I think the best Aerosmith song has to come from the 70’s when they were changing the world.

Dream On        Sweet Emotions       Walk This Way

If you have any other thoughts leave me a comment and make sure you go to their site and vote for your all time favorite.

Worst AC/DC Album??

Alright, I am new to the whole blogging thing and all its protocols etc. So I have to be upfront that I am basically hijacking this topic from a fellow blogger. Who you should check out! I like his stuff!

Anyway his topic was basically regarding what is the worst AC/DC album of all time. I am revising the premise a bit because I think most people I know and certainly my thoughts are everything after “For Those About to Rock” although there are some gems is a huge jump the shark for the Aussies.ACDC Album Cover Art Poster

So give it to me! What you got? Write your thoughts down below.

I’ll save my answer til after a few replies.

Just a disclaimer. I am a huge AC/DC fan just curious which of their earlier releases does not stack up in other fans minds.

All apologies to “Every Record Tells A  Story” If I stepped on any toes! Love to have you weigh in as well!