Making a Halloween Music Playlist? Deviate From the Norm!

Happy Halloween! The good news is I have been keeping a guitar in my hands…much more than my blog lately. So with not much time to write thought I would reblog last years Halloween Playlist ideas. Also type Halloween in the search bar top of my site for other previous Halloween posts. BOO! Mike

Mike Slayen ~ Guitarist

Happy Halloween Week everyone! Always one of my favorite holidays.

Are you one of those people who loves to make a playlist for your Halloween parties or to scare trick or treaters as they come hit you up for their Snickers fix?

Well if so this post is for you, and for those of you looking to treat your ears to some new music, as well.

Year after year we hear the same ol’ Halloween standards….Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” “The Monster Mash,”  “One Eyed One Horned Purple People Eater” as festive, quirky pop tunes. Then there is the sophisticated setlisters who employ classical music.  Pieces like; Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D min,” Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mtn. King” and Orff’s “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana.

Lets ‘Deviate from the Norm’ this year….to borrow a line from Rush’s Geddy Lee and Neil Peart. Here are a few ideas…

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Jose Feliciano Plays Jimi Hendrix’ Purple Haze

If you’ve read my blog in the past you may have seen some of my posts regarding Jose Feliciano. I was never a fan until recently. Actually, didn’t even know much about him and certainly didn’t know he could play guitar like he does! The man known for being a Latin crooner has some serious guitar chops.

This clip is one I just came across tonight for the first time. It is pretty cool to hear Jose rip some electric guitar riffs although he is much better in his regular genres Latin/flamenco. Thought I would share this video for you all to see another side of Jose’s playing or if you are like me until recently your first listen to his playing.

‘Scuse me while I….


Randy Rhoads

It has been 30 years since Ozzy’s groundbreaking guitarist Randy Rhoads left us much too early in a tragic plane crash at age 25. Over those last 30 years nothing has diminished his musical legacy as he is still regarded as one of the best and most influential guitarists in rock/heavy metal of all time! Certainly on par with names like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Michael Schenker.

A new 7 lb. full color photo biography has just been released on Randy and his place in music history. Looks like a great book and a must collector item. I cant wait to check it out.

Best Aerosmith Song

Best Aerosmith Song?                                                       

Well, it is a little late in the game but you can still cast a vote for the finale.

“Dream On” is facing “Sweet Emotion” for title of best Aerosmith song.

Dream On is obviously Aerosmith’s pinnacle epic type song and is a great tune with great lyrics and Joe Perry’s signature guitar licks. Sweet Emotion is one of their best rockin’ tunes. Again with great lyrics, guitar riffs and solos.

One could argue their most Iconic song is Walk This Way.  Everything about this song is stand out. It is a seriously groovin’ rock song. Joey Kramer’s opening drum riff is as recognizable as any drum line ever and the guitar riff occupies a spot as one of the greatest of all time. Steven Tyler was rapping before rapping was rapping…leading to their triumphant resurgence in the 80’s when the boys from Boston teamed up with Run DMC to remake their 70’s classic.

Although there are lots of great songs to choose from their late 80’s to modern day output I think the best Aerosmith song has to come from the 70’s when they were changing the world.

Dream On        Sweet Emotions       Walk This Way

If you have any other thoughts leave me a comment and make sure you go to their site and vote for your all time favorite.

Michael Schenker Said No to the Rolling Stones, Ozzy, Aerosmith…

Here is one for the category..”I never knew”

I have always heard that Michael Schenker turned down a stint with Ozzy Osbourne but it appears there were several other suitors who he gave the cold shoulder, as well.

Michael Schenker

I have been a Michael Schenker fan for 30 years plus. He has been one of my biggest influences.

Michael is one of those elite guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc. Axemen of different styles that absolutely command their guitars. Guitarists that are known for spending incredible amounts of hours developing their craft to the point where every note displays their musical bidding.

Michael Schenker is very much a man on path. He is a man who has had to face many demons including substance abuse. One thing that you have to admire is that he has always seemed to know his path or perhaps where is path shouldn’t lie.

For that reason he has turned down some of the worlds biggest bands such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and I am sure countless others that have sought his 6 string, Flying V services. Of Ozzy and the Rolling Stones I have heard him say he would be dead if he joined their ranks. Amazing insights from a man who has seemed to have troubles controlling his life the way he does his guitar.

Obviously he chose wisely. Schenker has been tirelessly recording and touring the world over the years. He has a huge cult following around the world from fans who have known him as a founding member of the Scorpions, bringing the band UFO to new heights and as a solo artist.

Click here to hear/see one of Michael Schenker’s great instrumental compositions, “Into the Arena”

The Family that Rocks Out Together…

Doesn’t every family do this on their drives, to their favorite songs? If you say no your probably lying! Happy Thursday.
PS the little guy in the car seat makes the video…cause even if this was contrived to get get millions of hits he doesn’t really know whats going on!

How to Pick a Bandname by Strong Bad

How to Pick a Bandname by Strongbad

If you’ve never seen any Strong Bad videos your wait is over! It is juvenile but funny. Funny in a “Spinal Tap,” kind of way. If you have ever been in a band or around a friend’s band you know what I am talking about, how comical the ‘behind the band’ scene can be.

In this video Strong Bad, a quirky little character, answers an email on how to pick a name for your band. He spits out some classic and of course true to life ideas on band names poking fun at rock bands and musicians.

Check out his other videos if it is your cup of tea. Enjoy!