Randy Rhoads

A fitting way to kick off the blog on GuitarGuys.com with a tribute to guitar legend Randy Rhoads. Today marks 32 years side he was killed in a plane crash. Impossible not to wonder what music he would have offered up. With only two huge releases as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist there was not a lot of material. However, what an impact he had on all the guitarists of my generation and those who have followed.



Paco De Lucia, RIP Maestro

Fell asleep on the couch last night. Woke up to head up to bed but checked my iPad first and saw the extremely sad news. One of the guitar world’s heroes has passed away.

Paco De Lucia IS an amazing legendary guitarist. A flamenco guitarist who crossed many boundaries which furthered the genre’s cause. He played with Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin in THE Guitar Trio, marking his crossover into the jazz/fusion world. His long hair and rock look, coupled with his amazing guitar chops, piqued the interest of the heavy metal and rocker guitarists. And his association with greats like Los Romeros gave him notice in the classical realm.

I was lucky enough to see him in the 90s in San Diego. We had front row seats(directly in front of the Romeros) and will never forget that show!

RIP the guitar world has lost a giant…

(Paco is not the one pictured in the video capture below, he is on the left of your screen)

Better Than Coffee, Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Tightrope”

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images-1I think most of you who read this blog would agree music is the best ‘drug’ of all time…including our beloved morning coffee.

This series has been and will continue to be a public service for those of you trying to cut your caffeine intake, by enjoying some fast/energetic music…. ;)

…Or for those of you looking to enhance that morning cup.

This song is not particularly fast, but, energetic… absolutely! Great solo from the legendary, and taken too soon from us, Stevie Ray Vaughan. RIP Aug 27, 1990




There are many iconic personalities in pop/rock culture. is

Very few true Icons!

RIP to Elvis died 36 years ago today

RIP Deacon Jones, NFL Great

DJI never met Deacon Jones. I never really saw him play…I was too young. He was, however, one of the characters of the game of football, as well as, one of the best defenders of all time. I was really sad to hear the news that he passed away on Monday.

A member of the Fearsome Foursome, Deacon Jones was a larger than life celebrity off the field, an American Icon in my opinion.

Rest in Peace, my friend

RIP, Ray Manzarek, May 20, 2013

So sad to hear that Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the Doors passed away today.

They were one of my earliest Rock influences.

Peace to Ray and his family, friends & fans!

Robert Zildjian, 89 Rest in Peace

Sad day in the music world even sadder in the percussion community!Zildjian

Robert Zildjian an iconic figure in the world of percussion, most notably all things cymbals, passed away at age 89, just a couple months before his 90th birthday in July.

Perhaps as big a loss to the percussion world as 2012’s loss of Jim Marshall to the guitar world. Maybe even bigger if you figure the genres Zildjian products crossed from Metal, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Marching Band….on & on!

When musicians die we always say, ‘The band in heaven just got better!’ …Think about all the quality instruments they are now going to have!

RIP Robert Zildjian