RIP Jack Klugman, The Odd Couple

A sad note this Christmas, on the 24th actor Jack Klugman passed away at age 90. Some may remember him as Quincy, M.E. but, to me he will always be Oscar Madison, the slob from the Odd Couple.

I loved this show as a kid, good clean fun. However, I have to say it was the theme music that I could not wait for each episode. Remember back in the day all TV shows had a theme song, not just a 10 second clip like shows get today. Each show was identified by its theme. Before I knew any rock bands, my love for music as a kid was fueled by what my parents listened to and TV…so the connection was there. Some other favorite theme songs were, Happy Days, Barney Miller, Sanford & Son…the list goes on…..

RIP Mr. Klugman thanks for being a part of my early music influences!

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