Paco De Lucia, RIP Maestro

Fell asleep on the couch last night. Woke up to head up to bed but checked my iPad first and saw the extremely sad news. One of the guitar world’s heroes has passed away.

Paco De Lucia IS an amazing legendary guitarist. A flamenco guitarist who crossed many boundaries which furthered the genre’s cause. He played with Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin in THE Guitar Trio, marking his crossover into the jazz/fusion world. His long hair and rock look, coupled with his amazing guitar chops, piqued the interest of the heavy metal and rocker guitarists. And his association with greats like Los Romeros gave him notice in the classical realm.

I was lucky enough to see him in the 90s in San Diego. We had front row seats(directly in front of the Romeros) and will never forget that show!

RIP the guitar world has lost a giant…

(Paco is not the one pictured in the video capture below, he is on the left of your screen)


    1. That is an incredible album/show. They also have some follow up stuff. The guitar playing is the metal of non-metal music if that makes any sense.

  1. darn. missed your gig again. i was out of town and didn’t get home until 11pm. will try to catch the next one for sure and bring the Cajon. 🙂

    it was Paco de Lucia who exposed the Cajon to a wider audience.

    RIP Paco de Lucia

    i have that “live” concert somewhere on vinyl where John McLaughlin, Al Dimeola and Paco de Lucia are playing together. very memorable stuff!

    1. Hey Carlos, no problem, was a good night to miss. They ended up having a private party and there was really not much room. Next should be on the 12th. Cool place though you guys should check it out

      1. Hey Carlos, yeah it would be great to have you. Just plan on a few songs cuz Im not sure how they would take it but should be cool…hopefully more gigs and better days than Wednesdays.

      2. no worries. i’ll go there and maybe just have a merlot or a beer and plan on sit in on a a song or two. i have an earlier gig anyways.

        i’ll bring the cajon and may a shaker, and make sure i blend in with your music. do you use a sequencer with your guitar playing? i mean, that looper?

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