Chargers Win, Beat Raiders! POD Chargers Anthem

Chargers Win!

It’s always a great day when the Chargers win and even sweeter when it’s against the Raiders. Sorry to all the grown men in the stands wearing their unoriginal Raider skull Halloween costumes that had to go home with another loss to the Chargers.

Interesting note; Gene Simmons of the band Kiss sang the National Anthem before the game.

Charger fans, celebrate with P.O.D.’s Charger Anthem!

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Patriots Day- Charles Ives, Variations on America

I’m not sure the correct salutation is ‘Happy’ Patriots Day. Regardless of the verbiage it is definitely a day for Americans to reflect on the events of 11 years ago.  Make sure you always remember what is important to you, your family and friends and never take any of them for granted.

Make today a great one!

I wanted to share a popular American song on this post and thought this piece was even better. The piece is “America,” and the many variations here were created by Charles Ives. Ives was a devoted Patriot and many ‘parts’ of Patriotic songs were interwoven into his compositions. The following variations are more obvious in their use of borrowed material as the composer puts the recognizable theme of “America,” through many metamorphoses. Listen closely for the theme in all of it’s altered states. The video is impressive as well.

2012 NFL Predictions ‘Rock n Roll’ Edition

Here are my 2012 NFL ‘Musical’ Predictions. I used only songs from my own music library. If you are unfamiliar with any of the music, check out the songs and broaden your musical horizons.

These views are my own, if they are inflammatory towards your favorite team or player, it IS intentional but all in good fun…except the Raider cracks!

So here is the 2012 NFL season as I see it! Come back after the season and we can re-hash and I will probably even have a playoff version!

Good luck to your favorite teams!


San Diego Chargers–Loving You Sunday Morning, The Scorpions

Bolts are my team win or lose. Let’s go with win, despite Norv Turner!

Denver Broncos -The Gambler, Kenny Rogers

Elway is gambling on Manning’s health…All In! Probably gonna be a good bet!!

Oakland Raiders–Living in the Past, Jethro Tull

Yeah we know you won….a long time ago…but you’ve been pretty bad since. Find a new argument Raider fan! Not that you have the fastest player…that’s tired as well!

Kansas City Chiefs-Castles Made of Sand, Jimi Hendrix

They are relying on Matt Cassel,  that’s not a good thing for Chiefs fans.


Houston Texans– New Kid in Town, The Eagles

No more Manning in the division the South should be theirs for a year or two at least.

Tennessee Titans– Caught In the Middle, Ronnie James Dio

They wont be first, they wont be last, they wont be memorable, they’ll be caught in the middle.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Cat Scratch Fever, Ted Nugent

That’s what these cats are gonna give their fans not much else.

Indianapolis Colts-Upside Down, Jack Johnson

We’ve bee used to seeing them on top but should get used to seeing them on the bottom for awhile, definitely in 2012.


Baltimore Ravens–Hard to Handle, The Black Crowes

They may be hard enough to handle all the way to the Superbowl. D can’t do it all. Gonna rest on the shoulders, actually the arm, of Joe Flacco.

Pittsburgh Steelers-Steel Bars, Foo Fighters

Where Big Ben belongs? How long do you call a franchise classy when their star clearly is not. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. They will fight for the division and settle for a wildcard.

Cincinnati Bengals-Breaking the Law, Judas Priest

Yeah, we all know the Bengals offseason exploits. If they could focus all their criminal energy to the field of play they could be good…don’t see it though.

Cleveland BrownsI Am the Walrus, The Beatles

Not sure even Mike Holmgren can fix this mess especially not this year.


New England Patriots– Same Old Song & Dance, Aerosmith

Yep, they’re still here, still good, still got a shot at the Superbowl and adding to their dynasty.

New York Jets-Just the Two of Us, Grover Washington, Jr.

If Sanchez and Tebow do not make a music video arm in arm singing this song and sharing the backfield… 2012 will be a DISASTER in New York.

Buffalo Bills–Dream On, Aerosmith

Maybe another strong start but playoffs look like a dream.

Miami Dolphins-Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Nobody likes bones in their fish and these fish just stink.


San Francisco 49’ers– Who Are You, The Who

This applies to the whole team but especially Alex Smith. Were they for real last year? We’ll look for them to be tough

Arizona CardinalsThree Little Birds, Bob Marley

“Don’t worry, ‘Bout a Thing” Mostly mediocre division, nobody expects much. If they get any kind of QB play …”Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright” Just not sure that will happen.

Seattle SeahawksJust the Way You Are, Billy Joel

…Mediocre, and that’s the way they’ll be this year.

St. Louis RamsBad, Michael Jackson

Someone had to get this song why not the Rams, the shoe fits.


New Orleans Saints– Bounty Hunter, Molly Hatchet  ..And Justice For All, Metallica   Redemption Song, Bob Marley

Bounty Hunter…they did the crime!

…And Justice For All…They are paying the price

Redemption Song…They proclaim their innocence.

They still have LOTS of offense and I see them outscoring teams in the regular season.

Atlanta FalconsDevil Went Down to Georgia, Charlie Daniels

Seems like he only shows up in the playoffs though, unlike the rest of the team. Maybe their year to break the playoff bug with the Saints down but I still see them as a wildcard.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2

Tampa fans should be more worried about the Rays catching the Yankees, cause I dont see the Bucs doing much in 2012. Sundays could be tough.

Carolina PanthersThings Can Only Get Better, Howard Jones

With Cam Newton a year older Carolina fans have got to hope this is true.


Green Bay Packers-Run With the Pack, Bad Company

It would be a good bet to run with the ‘Pack.’

Detroit Lions-Welcome to the Jungle, Guns N Roses

Who woulda thought the Lions would be players in the NFL watch out for em!

Chicago BearsBlowin in the Wind, Joan Baez

In a division with GB & Det…their hopes like their great city are in the wind.

Minnesota VikingsOutshined, Soundgarden

Looking California but Feeling Minnesota…gonna be a long year.


New York GiantsLimELIght, Rush

Yes Eli has 2 SB’s but in SD we remember his snively limp wristed attempt to hold the Bolt jersey on draft day. Giants will be good but hunted! Better be ready for everyone’s best shot.

Dallas CowboysWhere Have all the Good Times Gone, Van Halen

America’s Team No More….never was as far as I am concerned although they have made some serious NFL history in their heyday.

Philadelphia EaglesDog Eat Dog, AC/DC

Oops did I go there? Good things happen to good people and bad things… to Vick!

Washington RedskinsWaiting on a Friend, Rolling Stones

If and when RGIII is ready the ‘Skins will be ready

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Symphonic Music and the NFL, NFL’s 2012 Season Opens Today

This a great week for sports fans as the NFL makes its 2012 debut.

It is very exciting that there is a game tonight, the first of the year, but it wont feel like football until Sunday when there will be a full ledger of games and scores to keep an eye on. Although, in San Diego we will have to wait one more day as the Chargers open the season on Monday Night Football.

For some reason over the years there has been a musical link with the NFL and symphonic music. The greatest themes all employ dramatic horns, strings and percussion to paint a picture of the weekly gridiron battles we have come to love. I am guessing NFL Films would be the originators of pairing symphonic themes with football but I would need to dig a little deeper to prove that claim. One could argue that if they were not the first they might be the best.

Perhaps the greatest gift to football fans and music lovers is the fact we are finally rid of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Are You Ready for Some Football.” If I knew all it would take was to get ol’ Bocephus to talk politics to get rid of that song I would have baited him myself!…years ago! For those of you who liked it, rest assured the brain trust at the networks have most likely found an equally horrible and annoying anthem to fill in.

Here are a couple classic sound clips to get you ready for the season! Best to your favorite team…unless they are playing my Chargers of course!

Keep an eye out for my NFL 2012 predictions is song coming very soon!

1,000,000 Sold = Platinum not Gold

I just noticed an exponential theme in my last two posts and now am uncontrollably on a mission to see how high I can go with this!

Worlds Top 1o Richest Drummers

What Does 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook Mean, Thank You!


Land of 1000 Dances, Wilson Pickett

10,000 Lovers in One, TNT

100,000 Artists for Change

1,ooo,ooo is a lot of records to have sold! And 1,ooo,ooo units sold equals a Platinum Record according to the RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America). Certainly a lofty standard for all musicians.

Van Halen II, Platinum Record

10,000 Lovers in One, TNT

I just noticed an exponential theme in my last two posts and now am uncontrollably on a mission to see how high I can go with this!

Worlds Top 1o Richest Drummers

What Does 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook Mean, Thank You!


Land of 1000 Dances, Wilson Pickett

10,000 Lovers in One, TNT

TNT was a Norwegian ‘Metal’ band from the 80’s. One of the few glam bands I actually liked Ronni Le Tekro was a great guitarist. I believe they are still going strong in 2012!

What does 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook Mean? Thank You!

What does 100 likes mean on Facebook?

Well to mega stars/companies it might mean it was a slow hour.

To people that use Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms just to get likes, follows, re-tweets etc for no other reason than to boost their ego…it might make their day.

What does it mean to me? Everything!

It means that I have friends, family, fans, students, colleagues and music lovers that appreciate and support my musical endeavors.

Music has always made a better world in my world and I hope to pass that same power of music to you, even if it comes from sharing a  photo, music joke, my musical journey, a gigantic symphonic work, a three chord rock song or whatever catches my ear on a daily basis!

I appreciate all the support!

Thank You by Led Zeppelin

Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend! “Holiday”

Cannot believe it  is Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer already!

From myself, my family and everyone at Mike Slayen Studios have a fun and safe holiday!

“Holiday,” from the Scorpions. This is a great song, listen even if you are not a fan of the band. This will give you a different perspective than you may have had about the band and heavy metal in general. This is a a very melodic tune.

What does a Playboy Playmate, Pussycat Doll and Big Screen Actress Have in Common With a San Diego Guitarist? A Wedding Blog

That got your attention!

So what does a talented young lady with these celebrated credentials have in common with a classical guitarist? 364 days a year not much, but, for one day I was the wedding guitarist for just such a person.

This past summer mixed in with all my wedding playing, teaching and other musical activities I did have the honor to play for Playmate, Pussycat Doll and actress, Rachel Sterling. Her acting acclaim includes Wedding Crashers, True Blood- HBO series and a long list of other credits to her name.

So who, what, where, when was this wedding…details, details, details? Not being the National Enquirer or any other supermarket tabloid, I’m not gonna say. You can do the research if it is that important to you. I can tell you it was a typical beautiful Day at the Beach in San Diego….Sunny & 70…as always. (Two shameless plugs)

I can tell you while prepping, I was excited to have a celebrity wedding. Going over in my mind “Wow!”, who is going to attend? Will there be crazy Hollywood types with lots of hoopla? Paparazzi hiding in the bushes? Would I be interviewed by E! TV, wondering what kind of napkins they had?

Well I will tell you exactly what happened…a wedding broke out. A regular, very nice, but, regular ol’ wedding for two people in love to share their vows in front of the ones they love. There was family, friends, beautiful women ….in a nutshell…it was a wedding! A cool wedding for a cool couple! I had nothing but a good experience working with Rachel over the phone, email chats and day of, she was a great easy going bride!

The biggest difference about this wedding than my many others was my friends and families reaction. Usually, my friends say oh cool your playing a wedding this weekend…good luck. But, for this one…I never had so many offers to be my roadie, my soundman, my bodyguard…you name it.

I’m looking forward to keeping an eye out as Rachel’s career unfolds over the years and remember the day that this classical wedding guitarist from San Diego played a superstars wedding!!

Rachel and Logan thanks so much for having me play guitar for you and your guests! I wish you the best in your marriage and careers and hope to play as you renew your vows when we are old and gray.