Patriots Day- Charles Ives, Variations on America

I’m not sure the correct salutation is ‘Happy’ Patriots Day. Regardless of the verbiage it is definitely a day for Americans to reflect on the events of 11 years ago.  Make sure you always remember what is important to you, your family and friends and never take any of them for granted.

Make today a great one!

I wanted to share a popular American song on this post and thought this piece was even better. The piece is “America,” and the many variations here were created by Charles Ives. Ives was a devoted Patriot and many ‘parts’ of Patriotic songs were interwoven into his compositions. The following variations are more obvious in their use of borrowed material as the composer puts the recognizable theme of “America,” through many metamorphoses. Listen closely for the theme in all of it’s altered states. The video is impressive as well.

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