What does a Playboy Playmate, Pussycat Doll and Big Screen Actress Have in Common With a San Diego Guitarist? A Wedding Blog

That got your attention!

So what does a talented young lady with these celebrated credentials have in common with a classical guitarist? 364 days a year not much, but, for one day I was the wedding guitarist for just such a person.

This past summer mixed in with all my wedding playing, teaching and other musical activities I did have the honor to play for Playmate, Pussycat Doll and actress, Rachel Sterling. Her acting acclaim includes Wedding Crashers, True Blood- HBO series and a long list of other credits to her name.

So who, what, where, when was this wedding…details, details, details? Not being the National Enquirer or any other supermarket tabloid, I’m not gonna say. You can do the research if it is that important to you. I can tell you it was a typical beautiful Day at the Beach in San Diego….Sunny & 70…as always. (Two shameless plugs)

I can tell you while prepping, I was excited to have a celebrity wedding. Going over in my mind “Wow!”, who is going to attend? Will there be crazy Hollywood types with lots of hoopla? Paparazzi hiding in the bushes? Would I be interviewed by E! TV, wondering what kind of napkins they had?

Well I will tell you exactly what happened…a wedding broke out. A regular, very nice, but, regular ol’ wedding for two people in love to share their vows in front of the ones they love. There was family, friends, beautiful women ….in a nutshell…it was a wedding! A cool wedding for a cool couple! I had nothing but a good experience working with Rachel over the phone, email chats and day of, she was a great easy going bride!

The biggest difference about this wedding than my many others was my friends and families reaction. Usually, my friends say oh cool your playing a wedding this weekend…good luck. But, for this one…I never had so many offers to be my roadie, my soundman, my bodyguard…you name it.

I’m looking forward to keeping an eye out as Rachel’s career unfolds over the years and remember the day that this classical wedding guitarist from San Diego played a superstars wedding!!

Rachel and Logan thanks so much for having me play guitar for you and your guests! I wish you the best in your marriage and careers and hope to play as you renew your vows when we are old and gray.


  1. Very cool, ‘cuz! Sounds like it was a great day not to mention a great experience. It’s one for the resume! 🙂

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