Worst AC/DC Album??

Alright, I am new to the whole blogging thing and all its protocols etc. So I have to be upfront that I am basically hijacking this topic from a fellow blogger. Who you should check out! http://everyrecordtellsastory.com/ I like his stuff!

Anyway his topic was basically regarding what is the worst AC/DC album of all time. I am revising the premise a bit because I think most people I know and certainly my thoughts are everything after “For Those About to Rock” although there are some gems is a huge jump the shark for the Aussies.ACDC Album Cover Art Poster

So give it to me! What you got? Write your thoughts down below.

I’ll save my answer til after a few replies.

Just a disclaimer. I am a huge AC/DC fan just curious which of their earlier releases does not stack up in other fans minds.

All apologies to “Every Record Tells A  Story” If I stepped on any toes! Love to have you weigh in as well!



  1. Mike, you can hijack my blog whenever you like! For what it’s worth, I think the weakest album there is “For Those…” because title track and maybe one other track aside, I think the band sound neutered and constrained by Lange’s production. Cheers.

  2. Man … “For Those About to Rock” … can’t really remember specifics, but that was the last AC/DC record I bought … it turned me off that much!

  3. I would have to agree with “For Those About to Rock” I like it, but every other album in my opinon is better.

  4. Wow, unanimous so far, you all think For Those About to Rock is worst. I was thinking Dirty Deeds. A few great songs and some of their worst material ever as well.

    1. Definitely a more positive question! I was picturing me and a few friends, all AC/DC fans discussing which album does not quite stack up to the others. It is a valid question, but, yeah in this format maybe a bit negative sounding. I think ‘Best’ is an easier question. Almost no doubt Back in Black is their pinnacle, their most classic, best selling, best written and produced. Although as a fan I could argue Highway to Hell and I love the others too but Dirty Deeds still has a few clunkers.

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