Music to Relax, Queensryche, “I Will Remember”

It has been a while since I’ve done a “Music to Relax,” post. But the time has come and Happy 2014 to those of you who’ve been holding your collective breaths waiting for the next piece of music to slow your heart rate and send you into musical Nirvana.

After a 3 mile run and while walking back to the house, Queensryche’s, “I Will Remember,” shuffled through my iPod. What a great song to regulate the body and bring my heartbeat back to a resting rate.

Queensryche was once a noted heavy metal band of the 80’s, unfortunately, now known more for fighting like little babies over use of the band’s name, etc. Much like Styx and their ex-band mates have gone through.

Although they were  a metal band this is such a peaceful tune. The song employed a unique sound, a little dark with a melodic, harmonized guitar solo. Vocalist Geoff Tate’s usual over the top operatic runs gave way to some extremely controlled phrasing, without relinquishing his powerful voice. Some of his best work in my opinion.

Take a trip back to the 80’s, relax and Enjoy!

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  1. One of my favourite QR tracks from one of my favourite QR albums! I have to say, I’m enjoying the new Queensryche with Todd on vocals. I hope the stupid court case gets settled soon so they can’t get on with rebuilding their reputation!

    1. It has always been one of my favorite Ryche albums too. I am getting tired of the whole legal battle too. After Promiseland, I struggled w QRs music then once DeGarmo was gone I believe they lost a lot of the true QR sound. Kicker though was the cabaret tour…it really turned me off to the band. I haven’t even gave the new singer a listen. I know I need to though. Through Mindcrime though will always be classics to me. Roads to Madness et al.

      1. It’s always been up and down since DeGarmo left. American Soldier was a great album but then they went and ruined it with the follow up. The new one is a really good album though, well worth checking out. I was really skeptical about them continuing with a new singer but they’ve pulled it off.

      2. And does anyone really know why he left the band? Isn’t he like a pilot now? I need to check out the new vocalists stuff.

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