Music to Relax, Queensryche, “I Will Remember”

It has been a while since I’ve done a “Music to Relax,” post. But the time has come and Happy 2014 to those of you who’ve been holding your collective breaths waiting for the next piece of music to slow your heart rate and send you into musical Nirvana.

After a 3 mile run and while walking back to the house, Queensryche’s, “I Will Remember,” shuffled through my iPod. What a great song to regulate the body and bring my heartbeat back to a resting rate.

Queensryche was once a noted heavy metal band of the 80’s, unfortunately, now known more for fighting like little babies over use of the band’s name, etc. Much like Styx and their ex-band mates have gone through.

Although they were  a metal band this is such a peaceful tune. The song employed a unique sound, a little dark with a melodic, harmonized guitar solo. Vocalist Geoff Tate’s usual over the top operatic runs gave way to some extremely controlled phrasing, without relinquishing his powerful voice. Some of his best work in my opinion.

Take a trip back to the 80’s, relax and Enjoy!

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A-Ha, It’s Friday

Hope you all survived your week!

Here is a little guitar mixed with 80’s nostalgia.

Neil Zaza covers A-Ha’s “Take on Me.”  This video doesn’t have the cool ‘comic strip comes to life,’ like the original, but, hope you like it.


If Guitar Was an Olympic Sport…Steve Vai & Ry Cooder Battle it Out in Crossroads

This is the classic guitar duel scene at the end of the 80’s movie, “Crossroads.”

The movie is about an old blues musician who sold his soul and Ralph Macchio is trying to win it back….you know like the Charlie Daniels song “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

It used to bother me that one of my high school guitar heroes, Steve Vai, had to lose the duel to the Karate Kid playing air guitar. The actual guitarist playing Macchio’s parts was Ry Cooder. Anyway, a great movie…put it on your Netflix queue and check it out!!

If you need a break from the Olympics check out this classic guitar competition!!