“Under Pressure,” Queen and Bowie A Capella

My friend Dave shared this with me the other day and had to repost!

I was blessed at one time to hear the separated tracks of “Killer Queen” in all its glory. It was amazing to hear all the guitar and vocal parts, etc. I could tell you where I heard it but its TOP SECRET!

This a capella version of,  “Under Pressure,” is also very cool.



    1. I always think it’s interesting to hear vocals isolated like this. The mannerisms sound so exaggerated but when it’s slotted in with all the instrumentation it sounds perfectly normal. I remember Joe Elliott talking about how he would do wee sighs or squeals at the end of each line. It sounds daft on its own but works in the context of the music.

      1. I remember the first time I was in a studio with a friends band in High School. It was so cool to hear it all deconstructed. Surprised there are not all kinds of marketed Beatles et all releases of this type.

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