Better Than Coffee, Gustav Holst, “Jupiter”

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JupiterI think most of you who read this blog would agree music is the best ‘drug’ of all time…including our beloved morning coffee.

This series has been and will continue to be a public service for those of you trying to cut your caffeine intake, by enjoying some fast/energetic music…. 😉

…Or for those of you looking to enhance that morning cup.

Gustav Holst, “Jupiter,” from, “The Planets.”

If you are unfamiliar with, “The Planets,” each planet was characterized musically. “Jupiter,” was composed as The Bringer of Jollity. This piece is fun and furious. Even the slower parts are dignified, stately and triumphant!

Do you think, “Star Wars,” composer John Williams mightn’t been influenced? hmmm

This video is another in the line of animated scores click here for others.

Happy Friday, Enjoy!


  1. I really enjoyed this with my morning cup. Defintely heard a bit of Star Wars also heard a section I recognise from some Rock improvisation (either Deep Purple or ELP can’t place it just yet) and also a segment that was used as Mott the Hoople’s intro tape too! This piece gets around….

    1. ELP definitely used Coplands Fanfare for the Common Man…..which is similarish….not sure about this one but might have! Check out the “Mars” movement of the planets…..that has been used and abused in movies…but a great piece…I’ll keep an ear out for Mott n DPs versions

      1. I’ve got a notion there was just a section from it that Jon Lord used to play when he was doing his long Hammond improvs.

        I’m probably familiar with more classical pieces because of ELP than any other band. I love them but never got around to hearing much of the originals so I love this series you’re doing.

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