Be Careful Buying Your Romantic Valentine’s Music

Alright, we are one day away and you might be scrambling to plan the perfect Valentines Day for your significant other.

Consider this a public service announcement if you are planning on setting a mood with some ‘Romantic’ music!

The Romantic period in music includes the years 1830-1910. It was at times a bombastic, virtuosic, grandiose style of music to express nature and the human spirit.

It is NOT Kenny G playing a sweet melody on his saxophone!

Here is an example of Romantic period music.

This music may or may not be the mood you are trying to create for your partner!

This has been a public service announcement!

…I am here for you!


  1. Hi Mike, this is a great post. I always appreciate it when we share our knowledge with others– you may have saved a unsuspecting youth from a night of embarrassment for trying to select ‘romantic’ mood music….

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