My Review of the 2013 Grammys

I thought I would do a review of the parts of the Grammys that I watched last night.

So here it is…





….Thank you!

Nope didn’t watch a lick…

Nothing against the Grammys or pop music in general…I just love music, not awards for who sells the most records.

Tune in next week as I review Paris Hilton/s greatest hits…


    1. I agree. The RnR Hall should have a little more merit in that it takes 25 years and they include the sidemen, contributors etc… But they don’t! They went all political sell tix to their museum. They even unfollowed me on Twitter a couple years ago because I asked a questions about their selection process.

      1. Oh dear! I seem to remember Black Sabbath asking not to be included because if it wasn’t voted for by fans they weren’t interested. I hope that’s still the case. At the time I thought that was a pretty cool statement.

      2. I heard the martyrs in Pearl Jam say they wouldn’t go in either if Michael Schenker and a few others overlooked don’t get in either.

  1. One of my favorite blogs you’ve ever penned my friend! I don’t even have a Television in my home and don’t miss it anymore then Pac 12 football provides at the local pub. And…… No Deep Purple in the R&R hall of fame? pffftt! It should be known as the Rock and Roll hall of shame!

    1. Or Hall of Lame…Deep Purple should be in just for the fact they wrote the most popular guitar riff in rock history! Rush just got in, no Schenker!
      Thats hardcore, I watch a lot of TV, well when I ever have time anyway. Cougars? I think you are in WA. So glad my Azteds are staying in the lame Mt West vs going to the Big East, that would have been a disaster!

  2. LOL Great post! I really didn’t watch either… well, except for the part where they had Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Kenny Garrett and other Jazz Artists performing a tribute to Dave Brubeck. And that was only because my wife called me to watch it. But I feel sad because the Jazz and Classical parts of the Grammys just seem to include them out of courtesy (or sympathy).

    1. Hey Carlos, I would watch if it was more about those type of moments. I agree the jazz, classical and even art/pop music get the golf clap in life in general..not just the Grammys . I think I will try and youtube that Corea.Clarke.Garrett performance.

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