Chuck Berry, Rock & Roll’s First Guitar Hero is 86!

You can’t be a guitar aficionado and not at least have an appreciation for Chuck Berry. The man is the first true rock n roll guitar hero! The duck-walk, the hairstyle and of course the, “Johnny B. Good,” guitar riff, one of the most popular and influential in rock n roll history!

Chuck Berry the energized rocker is 86!! That is crazy but so glad he is still around. He is definitely on my list of must see live performers…hopefully I will still get a chance. He is said to still play a club in St. Louis regularly.

Happy Birthday Chuck Berry, here’s to many more joyful guitar playing years before you!

Watch both the classic version and see the influence he had years later making his way into this classic clip from, “Back to the Future,” where Michael  J. Fox introduces the 50’s to Chuck Berry before… Chuck Berry.


  1. I’ve been on a Little Richard kick lately and been meaning to check out some Chuck Berry stuff. After reading this at work I went into a shop that was playing him! And then went for dinner with my girlfriend and the restaurant was playing him! Someone’s trying to tell me something…

    Should I mention the Judas Priest cover?

    1. NOOOOO dont bring that up! It was horrible and one of my favorite bands weakest moments. I thought it was a bad interpretation of the song and not a very good metal effort either.
      Chuck berry is great…you need to take it for what it is though. He is pre Jimi Hendrix and is very 50’s ish…but great stuff!
      Sounds like you are destined to listen.

      1. Haha thought you would feel that way. Not one of their shining moments…

        The shop were playing Memphis Tennessee and I really enjoyed it! I already knew that song from the cover that The Faces did.

        Always wanted to get some Berry stuff cause I love Ted Nugent’s playing and he always cites Chuck as his main influence.

        1. I just went and watched the video and that was even worse…I forgot they did that for a movie…so they are off the hook for the cheese factor. I assume the movie producers told them what to do mostly.

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