Just saw Jose sing this at the San Francisco Giants playoff game Oct. 14, 2012. One of my favorite musicians!!

Mike Slayen ~ Guitarist

It’s a great day, opening day of the baseball season! One of the unofficial holidays in the life of sports fans across America. Lucky me, on Spring Break and working from home this week got to see all the opening day festivities on TV, live from Miami.
They had all kinds of pregame fanfare: F-16 flyover, Vegas style showgirls escorting the players onto the field, an appearance by the ‘Champ’ Muhammad Ali and of course the National Anthem, sung by Jose Feliciano.
I am not one who usually enjoys much deviation of the norm on the Star Spangled Banner. I just don’t think it’s a song that should be used for personal self promotion and showing off what a great singer you are. The reason it is sung at events is to honor our country. So the runs, trills and ‘check me out’ vocal fireworks are usually out of place…

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  1. Did you hear when Jose heard: J o s e can you see, then they heard a voice yelling, “NO” I can’t see. It’s an old joke.

    1. Oh no, that’s bad but funny! But he is a great guitarist and I love his rendition of the Anthem. It got him into a lot of trouble years ago, but, I think it is a respectful and really good rendition…not like lots of the divas who sing it now days.

  2. I love Chuck Berry’s music. Favorite song in high school: UP IN THE MORNING AND OUT TO SCHOOL THE TEACHER WAS TEACHING THE GOLDEN RULE… HAIL, HAIL ROCK AND ROLL. Oldies, but goodies. My youngest son ones told me while I was listening to Rock ‘n Roll; as I explain that these songs were ‘oldies but goodies’. He answered me, “mom, they are more oldies than goodies.”. Little did he know then. Later as he got older, his music was: Jim Morrison, good choice.

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