Music to Relax! Fight, “Reality, a New Beginning”

Alright, most of you are going to think I am insane!

Fight was a 90s heavy metal band formed by Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. They were not a thrash metal band like Metallica but very heavy nonetheless.  In addition to Halford’s powerhouse vocals Fight always had great, very crunchy very musical guitar riffs.

I know heavy metal isn’t for everyone. It is an acquired taste that grows over time, but, in my opinion well worth the time. Many amazing virtuoso musicians over the last 40-50 years have chosen this hard edged rock as their genre as it allows for musicality and creativity not afforded in other popular styles.

So how can this song be considered relaxing music? It is kind of like how you feel after a workout. Your endorphins release and you get what they call a “runners high.”  There have been times I was driving home from a rough day and cranked a band like Fight..probably a little bit towards full volume and it really helped me get all the aggressions out. It calms me right back down like a nice shoulder massage would.

This is definitely different than the typical pastoral music I usually share on my “Music to Relax” articles. Although I know it is not for everyone maybe you can obtain  more of a grasp on why people truly do love heavy metal music. There are other forms of ‘ugly’ music that people enjoy as well. Think of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring or some free Jazz that does not follow the ‘normal’ ideals of nice sounding music.

Keep your ears open my friends!!

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