Its “Easy” You Never Cut the Guitar Solo!

What are you thinking?!

I was watching  NBC’s Today show this morning with my 3 year old daughter. Legendary singer Lionel Richie was the featured performer. His second song was “Easy” …(Like Sunday Morning) a mega hit from his days in the Commodores. Being the guitarist that I am I grabbed my daughter from her morning play routine and said you have to listen to this guitar solo!

She patiently sat on my lap as I kept telling her here it comes! If you’re not familiar check out the video to hear the solo which starts at 2:47. It’s not the most technically demanding solo but it is iconic.

Back to the story…as my daughter appeases me and waits for the guitar solo that I am building up…Here it comes! Here it comes!

THEY CUT IT OUT!!! What the heck? That’s like peanut butter without jelly, Abbott without Costello, breathing without air!

I need answers, you don’t cut out an iconic guitar solo!! Even my wife knows you don’t get out of the car until the guitar solo is over…I am guessing it was a time thing for the show.

Here is the sadly ironic part, half an hour later they had an extended segment with the most ridiculous looking dude who is a profession air guitarist.

I know not everyone’s life is governed by guitar solos but C’mon NBC!

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