The Guitar Aces, Summer 2021

Hi Everyone,

Its about to be summer(my favorite time of year) and a much brighter outlook than last year!!

Here is some info to keep lessons running smooth over the short summer months!

Also please fill out the brief form below regarding returning(or not returning) to in person lessons.

Studio policies!

I hate to have rules but running a business there simply has to be a standard operating procedure.

The studio policies are and ALWAYS have been the following:

-24 hours notice to receive a make up lesson(less than 24 hours notice the lesson is considered attended)

-Withdrawal from lessons must be made by the 15th of the month BEFORE stopping lessons or full tuition is due!

These are not just lesson policies…they are a common courtesy. Please don’t put either of us in the uncomfortable situation of enforcing these simple policies.

SUMMER- it is so fun to plan going to the beach, pool parties, playdates and impromptu vacations. Again please remember these studio policies.

It usually goes like this.

“Hey Mike, Johnny got invited to a pool party so he won’t be at his lesson this afternoon. When can we reschedule??”

Well when 10 or more students ask the same thing its anarchy and not easy to accommodate anyone!! Hence the policies in the first place!!!

Thank you for honoring these simple procedures!!!

Returning to In Person Lessons

Is it time to return? Ive took the stance that it will depend on you The Guitar Aces families on when we return!

To date I’ve had a few inquiries but no on has let it be known the are absolutely ready to return!!!

Here is a chance to voice your opinion. (Please feel free to let me know your thoughts anytime on any topic)

-No students with symptoms will be allowed in the studio…I think we can do hybrid classes. Stay home if you have the symptoms(even allergies, no one wants to be around ‘symptomatic ‘people in the current situation)

-I have been fully vaccinated

-Wipes and hand sanitizer will be kept in the studio

All opinions are valid from we want to return ASAP to we never want to return. Your feedback will help me determine the best options and timetable for a return to In Person Lessons.

Please answer to the best of your ability. I understand things change you will not be tied to your current opinions. However, as things change please let me know your concerns as soon as possible!!