Chargers Win, Beat Raiders! POD Chargers Anthem

Chargers Win!

It’s always a great day when the Chargers win and even sweeter when it’s against the Raiders. Sorry to all the grown men in the stands wearing their unoriginal Raider skull Halloween costumes that had to go home with another loss to the Chargers.

Interesting note; Gene Simmons of the band Kiss sang the National Anthem before the game.

Charger fans, celebrate with P.O.D.’s Charger Anthem!

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Symphonic Music and the NFL, NFL’s 2012 Season Opens Today

This a great week for sports fans as the NFL makes its 2012 debut.

It is very exciting that there is a game tonight, the first of the year, but it wont feel like football until Sunday when there will be a full ledger of games and scores to keep an eye on. Although, in San Diego we will have to wait one more day as the Chargers open the season on Monday Night Football.

For some reason over the years there has been a musical link with the NFL and symphonic music. The greatest themes all employ dramatic horns, strings and percussion to paint a picture of the weekly gridiron battles we have come to love. I am guessing NFL Films would be the originators of pairing symphonic themes with football but I would need to dig a little deeper to prove that claim. One could argue that if they were not the first they might be the best.

Perhaps the greatest gift to football fans and music lovers is the fact we are finally rid of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Are You Ready for Some Football.” If I knew all it would take was to get ol’ Bocephus to talk politics to get rid of that song I would have baited him myself!…years ago! For those of you who liked it, rest assured the brain trust at the networks have most likely found an equally horrible and annoying anthem to fill in.

Here are a couple classic sound clips to get you ready for the season! Best to your favorite team…unless they are playing my Chargers of course!

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Football Anyone?

Can it really be? Football season already?

In light of how absolutely pathetic and boring the Padres have been this year San Diego fans are definitely ready for some football…even if it is a meaningless preseason game.

Here is the Charger Fight Song to get you in the mood!

Junior Seau, RIP

Junior Seau, on field

It is a tough day in San Diego! One of our true hometown sports heroes Junior Seau has passed away. There are many things that can be said about Junior and the media will do their digging and prodding but on the field for a San Diego sports fan he was THE best! San Diego sports have had so few guys come through and give such a consistent Herculean effort on the field and in the community.

I will never forget the Superbowl season of 1994 which he was the undisputed leader. I will never forget Junior making huge plays then slumping in between each down because his arm was in so much pain. That dangling arm never stopped him and endeared him to SD fans forever an image burned into my sports memories! And who can ever forget his fist pumping leg kicking move after one of his patented big plays!

Thanks for the memories Junior. Thanks for laying your heart and talents on the field for our local team! Sorry you wont get to grow old feeling the love of the community or maybe I’m just selfishly wishing we had you as an ambassador for America’s Finest City for years to come.

Thanks and rest in peace!

I don’t write about a lot of non-musical topics so for a musical reference here is the San Diego Super Chargers Fight Song