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Slayen & Fox Guitar Duo,


“Reflections of San Diego”

This CD was offered as a tribute to our hometown, San Diego. Such a great city deserved some great music and that is what we set out to do with 10 original compositions, ‘reflecting’ on San Diego’s awesome beaches, weather and more! Hopefully the music will make you appreciate our city more and miss it less for those of you who have had to leave. Read Guitar9’s review of our CD. In 2011 Guitar 9 listed us in their feature, “The Best of the Undiscovered.”

In 2005 Surfer Magazine’s online Editor and current XTRA 1360 ‘Surf Talk’ radio host, Scott Bass contacted us about using our music on a surf film he was making. We were excited and said sure use whatever you need. They ended up using two of my tracks. “Sunny & 70” was used in full as a surf video and “Santa Ana Winds” was used for the DVD menu screen.

Do you believe in aliens? This piece, “Spaceship Awakening” was actually written for a 48 hr Film Festival project. I was asked to write music for a ‘disconnected’ scene when an abducted man wakes up on a spaceship. Unfortunately, the scene needed to be edited out and wasn’t used. In 2008 it was picked up by the good folks at Studio Red Dot  for an incredible series of travel podcasts they were creating. The episode was called the “ET Highway,”which is located just outside Area 51 in Nevada.

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