IT looks like your business is thriving! I sure hope so!  Matt just graduated 
from Auburn University in Alabama, and is back in SD looking for jobs.  (He has 
a degree in economics).

You were such a great influence on his life, and it went beyond the guitar.
Your smile is infectious your patience was never ending, and you were always 
encouraging and made guitar fun  and made it stress free.  So much of school 
these days involves unnecessary stress, (like little league baseball, where 
winning was everything) and you made coming to guitar pleasant because you "got 

Marlo  (Matt says hello)


I want to thank you so much for your lessons, after so many years I have a basic knowledge again and it prompted to me replace my Dad's 50+ year old guitar with a newer one.  Also, I have really appreciated your teaching style, taking things super slow, and with a lot of encouragement.  
My one-year gig at the Q is up in two weeks and don't know if I will be back, but I will carry your lessons, book and teaching with me.  Do you do lessons outside of the Q?  If so, I want to put a glowing review on Yelp, I don't see that you're on there yet, so would love to be the first.
All the best,
Cat M.

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