Guitar Lessons Newsletters

March 2014

Hi Everyone,                                            

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday!
In case you didnt notice I have a new email address;, although the old one will still work fine for now.
🎸If you could, please reply to this email to confirm that you received it and you should receive future class information.
🎸Reminder, classes resume this week Feb. 24-28. Our next week off is Spring Break April 7-11See schedule here
Our scheduled off weeks are NOT included in your tuition.
🎸Recital, March 9, 2PM at Yogurt Heaven in Scripps Ranch. Please let me know if you would like your child(ren) to perform. All levels are welcome!
🎸 March tuition is due this week. Please use Paypal or bring a check to class this week. As posted last month tuition is now due the week prior to each month.
🎸Practice tip: Were you ever sent to your room as a kid? Was it a good feeling? Then why send a child away to their room or an isolated space to practice? 
Try having your kids practice in a room where you can hear them(and they can hear the family too.) Off the kitchen while making dinner. Near you while surfing the internet. Interact with them. Keep it positive “that sounds good,” “is that the way Mike says to do it,” or have them try playing a different way. Challenge them to play a song slow, fast or 5 times in a row. 
Although a quiet room with no distractions is an ideal way to study something it can also lead to boredom in younger kids(and adults). 
If you approach practicing at home as a cool thing that is part of the family you are likely to get better results. 
See you all at the classes this week!

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