Mike’s Music Offerings for Your Wedding

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Here is a list of the basic services and ‘extras’ that I offer for weddings & receptions. Any of the below items can be altered to make your day the way YOU dreamed.

Ceremony- This is basically an hour package. Includes 10- 15 minutes music as guests are being seated, music you pick for the ceremony events and a few minutes afterward if needed. Unless otherwise requested I tend to play elegant, classical and some pop or jazz tunes that also display this feeling.

Cocktails/Reception– Charge is by the hour and discounted if I do your ceremony as well. Typically I play more upbeat Latin jazz, flamenco and pop music without overpowering your guests as they mingle.

Rehearsal Dinners- Much the same as cocktail/receptions. I play more upbeat styles while activities are louder and soften a bit as guests start to eat, etc.


Musicians I am a solo guitarist but also enjoy playing with many other musicians. Guitar Duo, clarinet, flute, strings Japanese koto and Latin Jazz ensemble are also available. Of course if you have another instrument desired please let me know.

Composition for your celebration. I can write music for your march or any other part of your wedding. A personalized piece with the couples personalities incorporated.

Special Requests I can send you a list of repertoire that I play. Tunes that I don’t play or are not likely to become a part of my wedding repertoire may have an additional charge.

Performing with your Guests Sometimes couples have friends who sing or play another instrument that they would like incorporated into their ceremony. I am glad to oblige, however, this often requires rehearsals and extra time that may incur an additional charge.

Microphone Set-up It is possible as a last resort for me to bring a basic mic setup for an extra fee. Since I will be playing guitar I do not have much availability to troubleshoot the mic during the ceremony should something arise. Your best bet is to have a DJ or the venue supply a set up for you.

Anything Else? If you don’t see something regarding the music you would like please ask!!


  1. Hi mike,
    My Fiance and i just met with Judy Winkler who will be performing our wedding and she highly recommended you! We are on a very limited budget for our December 13 2012 wedding but we would like to talk to you about rates and ifyou could play for us at a beach in La Jolla
    Thank you

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