How to Keep Guitar Practice Happening When School Goes Back in Session

Reblogging as our SDUSD Aces head back to school this week.

The Guitar Aces-(online lessons for now)

Please say it aint so!

Our Poway Aces are back in school and our Aces in Scripps Ranch and Camino Del Sur return after Labor Day. Summer is too short!

First of all I hope everyone has a smooth transition in returning to school schedules and early bed times and homework and all the other hectic things that come with a new school year.

Here are a few ideas to make guitar practice at home an easy transition. It doesn’t need to be difficult!

First, set a dedicated practice timewhether it’s in the morning or after school or after dinner. This is your ‘guitar time’ and you and your student will know that… so no surprises plus it makes it easier to budget for the time. Adjust your guitar time if needed as you feel out your new schedule.

Keep guitar on the forefront. Talk about guitar during the ride to school, at the dinner table or any…

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August Calendar Page, Lap Steel Guitar

The Guitar Aces-(online lessons for now)

Lap Steel photo from studio calendar. Lap Steel photo from studio calendar.

The Fender Guitar calendar in our studio has a picture of a Lap Steel Guitar for August. The kids have been really curious about it so I thought I would post a video.

I’ve been explaining that it sits on a table over your lap and that you use a metal slide(bar) to slide over the strings rather than push down with your fingers….maybe better to have a visual!

There are plenty of other links on the video’s page if you’d like to see/hear


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Pachelbel Canon in Drop D

I have certainly played  Canon in D at several weddings, but, never like this!

Although I would be glad to offer this version for an adventurous young couple…

Kudos to this bride and groom for tying the knot through their love of guitar…and hopefully each other of course!

No Fear!

No Fear!

Well, maybe some…but that’s ok. Its more than OK its human.

Performing can be a tough gig for seasoned musicians. How about for successful career oriented adults who just wanted to learn to play the guitar?

This Friday, four of my ‘successful career oriented adult’ students ARE taking the stage. Not only taking the stage but it is in front of their peers at a large Qualcomm function!!

These four deserve HUGE props in my book. Going out of their comfort zone and grabbing their guitars in front of millions…well not millions but it doesn’t lessen the accomplishment at all.

I am not sure they even want their names posted so I won’t do that  but PR, RS, GJ, OS I am really proud of you all!

Try to enjoy the performance cause it will go quick! And after that no one can ever take it away from you!!!

Serious props to you all for even agreeing to do this!!!!

Your Fearless Leader 😉


Lighten Up Francis, Give Geddy a Break!!

Here is one of the lamest arguments in rock in roll.


Geddy Lee is often criticized as a singer because he doesn’t write his own lyrics. Critics ask, ‘How can he put his heart and soul into words that he didn’t write? Umm…Classical musicians/opera, jazz standards, great cover tunes in all genres…and of course actors too. How can anyone expect an actor to put emotion into his script if he/she didn’t write it?

Another sign of music critics who take themselves a bit too seriously. New Studio in Poway

My new studio in Poway, CA

The Guitar Aces-(online lessons for now)

20150330_162403 Our New Studio

Welcome to the first blog post from

We are super excited to be in our new studio in Poway located at 13117 Quate Ct., Suite B.

In the heart of Poway sandwiched between the library, sheriff station, skateboard park and El Armando’s Taco Shop(The Barn).

Although I’ve taught guitar for over 16 years in the area at two great family oriented music stores it was time to move on! Time to get our own space and ability to offer more to our students.

iF3mdv_TpL0qQUsVOOJrmxFOlF8KVcQZNEKvfRKMvco Two Aces at Work

Thank you to so many great families taught over the last 16 years. It is a privilege to be a part of your children’s development, a responsibility we do NOT take lightly!

If you are new to we specialize teaching small-sized group lessons to kids 6 and up. However, we also teach teens and adults. Additionally, we offer corporate classes at the work…

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Proud Dad, Michael Schenker Edition

5 year old daughter has been singing a tune this evening.

I knew what it was but not sure where she had heard it from. It is the Friday wake up song on my iPad alarm.

She keeps repeating the intro to this Michael Schenker song…and pretty accurately too! Proud!