1. Trippy picture huh? I guess they assumed he lost a bunch of weight too…Elvis besides all the hoopla, is a pretty amazing musician. Even crazier is Jimmy Page turning 70 today…that’s a weird pill to swallow.

      1. Yes that’s bizarre. But thankfully we don’t need a computer to figure out what he looks like! I guess they thought Elvis was going to give up the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches as he got older. I was watching some of his comeback special the other day. What a voice and presence that guy had! Unbelievable.

      2. Amen to not needing a JP updated photo…He’s actually looking good for 70 especially since he gave up the hair polish and went gray.
        Elvis really had some excellent phrasing, great musicianship! I am always more and more impressed as time goes on…

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