Say it Ain’t So Stevie!

I have to say I regret the post I am about to write. Well more regret that I feel I want to write this.

I understand that a recent trial in Florida has been hotly contested by LOTS of people throughout our country. None of whom were there. Didn’t see it. On and on! I didn’t follow it and wouldn’t because I think it was a political/public opinion nightmare from the start with preconceived notions on both sides of the aisle. Sure YOU were the one who really examined the evidence by watching Nancy Grace and can make a valid opinion.

What prompted me to write this is Stevie Wonder’s recent pledge to not perform in Florida or any other state that has a law he doesn’t approve. If Bono wanted to let his llama graze on a public lawn in Boulder would he boycott the whole state of Colorado for a law that most it’s citizens don’t even agree or know about? The point being we could all have reasons, although, some better than others for NOT doing something.

Stevie has been a musical influence of mine since I was, “a little nappy headed boy.” He is a great musician and this is why I regret having to call him out on this issue.

There is no problem to fight for your causes, that is what makes our country great! But, in my opinion Stevie has decided to take his ball and go home. He is punishing EVERYONE in Florida who enjoys his talents because of a law he doesn’t like.

Stevie, respectfully you have a pulpit to stand on! You can make your case to MILLIONS of people and pass your influence.

In my view, artists, have more of a role in our daily lives than any politician ever will(at least in a free society.) The arts are an escape from daily problems. Stevie, why not go the other way. Play everyday in the state of Florida, share your brilliance. Make it a tour  in support of your views, instead of just punishing your fans, many who agree with you.

I have listed no names, no laws in question etc. This post is not about a trial, my thoughts, your thoughts, the truth we know, the truth don’t really know or anything or anyone involved in a recent trial. It does point to the role that musicians, artists, in general have in society. Artists are the ones that should hold themselves to a higher standard, we know politicians won’t. Artists are the controllers of the atmosphere.

Remember the power music/art had on you as a youngster? The power it had in your bones and soul? I wish all artists could remember that feeling and pass on the power of music and art!

“I wish those days could come back once more

Why did those days ever have to go

I wish those days could come back once more

Why did those days ever have to go”

-Stevie Wonder

Feel free to treat each other right out there!

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