Better than Coffee, Steve Vai-The Attitude Song

Guitar players will love this one….non musicians might want to put it on in the background and get used to it…great stuff!!

Or if you just like hats, watch the video….

Have a great weekend…include some live music in your plans…it will make you whole again…lol



  1. Somewhere around here I have the “Thin 45” that came in the center of Guitar Player magazine from 1984 of the attitude song. I played it over and over again because I had never heard anything that sounded so unique.

    PS the project is over, thank you for looking me up Mike 😀 It meant a lot my guitar playing brother

    1. Absolutely my friend!!

      I remember having the version of Blue Powder that blew me away. Wasn’t there a name for those things like Soundpage or something?

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