American Idol, Final Four 2013

Idol StageWell Idol fans the moment of truth is almost upon us. Who is going to win American Idol 2013?


Give me your vote….




My thought…well I put them in order above by who I think is the most professional ready to be a force in the music industry.

Kree-I think she has been the most consistent contestant this season and her voice and style are incredible!

Candice-Great voice! Amazing musician.

Angie-Cute, very good singer…born to be a pop star and seems to want it…maybe too much for my taste.

Amber-Has the most potential out of all these girls. Amazing voice, but, really seems to lack conviction…if she finds it she will be most successful out of these four in the long run!!

My thoughts aside who will actually win…

Angie-I think she is just an American Idol ‘type’ and wants it more than the other three girls.

Candice-I think she will make the finals and lose to the pop machine in Angie, deservedly or not.

Kree-This girl is without a doubt the most ready to work of the bunch. She could step right into a major role in country music today if she wants….I think she is so burned out on the AI process and ready to eject from competing and go back to SINGING.

Amber-Once again, AMAZING singer just not sure she is ready for primetime.

We will see tonight who makes the final three! One thing for sure…the girls blew the guys out of the water this season!!!


  1. I completely agree with your comment about Kree up until last week. I feel like the others are caught up now and they’re all completely slaying every performance. They’re such a strong top 4. Candice has been my favourite of the bunch all season, but Angie and Amber are superstars too. I can totally see them playing on the radio. I don’t think everybody understands Kree, but she would make a fantastic selling recording artist.

    I blogged about this last night too. Your post definitely gave me a lot more insight into my own opinions and made me reevaluate some things. hmmm…

    1. I will check out your blog. I agree Kree seems to just be done with competing…like it has taken her spark away a bit. But that is sure a lot of pressure these kids are under.

  2. This season has turned into a low rent lounge act show for me. They really built Kree up until they decided they no longer wanted her. I just don’t see any of these girls having a longterm career, even though I think they are vocally great.

    1. I can’t disagree about the caliber of this season…..I almost tuned out early on. I agree about Kree too….they started ripping her lately. Only time will tell about their careers I could see Kree having the biggest impact…..none of them are real ‘performers’ or ‘star’ personalities.

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