Best Album Ever?

VH Fair Warning

Van Halen’s fourth album, “Fair Waring,” released on this date 1981. This is one album that I have never grown tired of…If I had only one CD to take on a deserted island…this would be it!

Eddie’s guitar tone and creativeness were at peak levels! The album was also one of the bands heaviest and wrongfully, IMO, their worst seller.

The guitar work on this album to me as a kid arguably changed my life…switched my dreams from baseball player to guitarist….

The cover art was taken from a William Kurelek painting, “The Maze.”

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      1. Roth is in great form on this too. Love his ad libs on Unchained. The thing that strikes me about this album is how funky it is! It’s so tight. I’m not sure about the timeline of these things but… there’s a lot of Drop-D riffing on this too which seems a bit ahead of it’s time?

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