Amazing Artistry on Drums, Buddy Rich

A colleague of mine, Carlos Rull, recently posted a Buddy Rich drum solo. I always knew Buddy was a great drummer, but, I never really knew about him until his older days when he was known to be somewhat of a ‘colorful’ character. His legendary rants often precede his reputation as an incredible musician.

Seeing this video blew my mind! Rich’s sheer artistry and technique are spectacular. As much as I love music of all genres and technical prowess, highbrow classical to 3 chord punk,  the level of artistry you are about to witness is one of my favorite parts of listening to music. The total control over every note, rhythm and sound only a true master can offer.

Carlos is a great drummer himself…make sure you check out his blog!!

Carlos Rull’s Blog Post of Buddy Rich Drum Solo

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  1. I spent many a night in my Youth at Carnation Gardens inside Disneyland to see Buddy Rich Play with all the rest of the Band Ozzy’s. I learned a lot by just watching him, he was a sight to behold when he was playing.

      1. I haven’t heard the tapes but I’ve seen it first hand, he was rough on his band. At the same Time, if I had the Zappa gig I would put up with everything Frank could throw at me just to play in that band.

        Finally one night when I was a Sr. I got up enough courage to ask Mr. Rich for a drum stick, he screamed at me “Hell No!” then with the grin of a Cheshire cat he handed me a stick, I’m looking at it as I write this. He was very sarcastic and I have often wondered if Buddy Rich was in at least part misunderstood due to his sense of humor. God he was something else to see, it was like seeing Neil Pert but better 🙂

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