1. I lived in the best days of my life; with the most fantastic music (’50, ’60, ’70). You were born in the late ’60; so you missed out, but it pleases me to know that you truly enjoy the music now and you can appreciate it. It was so great living in the Rock ‘n Roll era,..so many great artists, so many great songs. I was in high school when all this began. At the school dances, we danced the night away. Now so many have left us, but that is life. They came, they composed music, they played their instruments; they sang; they entertained the world. We: danced and sang to their music…and the BEAT GOES ON! i loved living in the good old days: ‘THOSE WERE THE DAYS, MY FRIEND, WE THOUGHT THEY WOULD NEVER END’.

    1. I thought about that. While writing about my favorites getting older, that previous generations were farther along that road. All part of growing up I guess. I remember watching football when I was a kid and the music they used in the studio shows was what my parents would listen too. I always wished they would use MY music. Then when they did I realized it was cuz…’I was getting older’

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