It Was November 4, I Last Held Your Hand

As a musician, I am not one to pay close attention to lyrics. My brain is much more content following the shapes and construction of the musical patterns, although, I do think really great or really bad lyrics can make or break a song. For some reason, however, the opening lines of Queensryche’s song, “London,” have always stuck in my mind. They are generally benign, but, I never forget them.

“It was November 4, I Last Held Your Hand.”

See nothing special. Maybe it’s the way singer Geoff Tate phrased the words that etched them in my memory. That would make more sense that I picked up on the musical phrasing of the words. Funny thing is other than this line I have NO idea what the song is about!

Anyway, if you are looking for something new to put into your ears I recommend the first four Queensryche albums. The first is actually a self-titled EP followed by “The Warning,” “Rage For Order,” and their watermark, “Operation Mindcrime.” Expect a touch of the theatrical mixed with a heavy metal edge, well written progressive music and my favorite…great guitar playing. All members in the band were musically minded. You will find lots of operatic vocals, thumping but musical bass and drums and crisp creative guitar lines and solos. Some fans are drawn to their lyrics especially the concept album, “Operation Mindcrime.” It’s ironic that my friends used to analyze the lyrics and story behind the album and I barely know what it is about other than the music!

Hope you find something new to listen to in these four titles. If this sounds great but you are looking for something a little less edgy, try their 5th release, “Empire.” Great in its own right but more poppy, overproduced and a little forgettable over the years, their ‘Jump the Shark’ album, although many would disagree.



  1. That’s a great track to single out. Never thought about the lyrics though… wonder if it’s some sort of Guy Fawkes love song?! The first 4 releases are definitely all more cohesive than the chopping and changing of styles that came later. I really rate Empire and Promised Land but being a QR fan has always been a frustrating existence!

    1. I singled that one out cause it was Nov 4 although I do like the song I have a few tracks I like better. QR is one of those bands to me like Def Leppard that tarnished their reputation from what I remember them. I really have to be in the mood to put them on but when I do I am usually glad I did. Those first four were great albums.

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