Rumor Mill, Michael Schenker and Don Dokken Collaboration

This is an interesting idea that has been floating around the internet for a few weeks.  The possibility of guitar great, Michael Schenker teaming up with vocalist Don Dokken on some sort of project.

Schenker a guitar legend has never really had a ‘great’ singer in his solo work. He has always had kind of wanna be rockers who were ‘good enough.’ If this did happen, Don Dokken would easily be the best vocalist to work with Schenker. He might also be the biggest diva.  This is what leads me to believe it might not happen.

Schenker tours relentlessly, year round. He has turned down huge acts to do his own thing.  Aerosmith, Ozzy and the Rolling Stones to name a few. His reasons for turning them down are that he needed to stay in his own skin and not join a media circus with which the aforementioned bands all are deeply intertwined. Don Dokken doesn’t seem like the best personality fit, but, he does not have the mega status of these other acts.

One thing for sure…I would want to hear the project.

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