Adele New Single, Skyfall

It is finally here!

A new Adele song. Now as much as I like her voice I think I am more happy that it can be heard on some new music, finally!

As good as her mega hit album “21′ was it has suffered from being massively over played, especially in our house…my wife is a HUGE fan! 😉

The new song is entitled, “Skyfall,” from the soon to be released(Nov. 9) James Bond movie of the same title. The music is very much in the same vein of the spy music genre we have heard before. The cool thing is to hear her graceful yet powerful voice weaving through the massive orchestration. The song features a 77 piece orchestra. Of course you can also hear some of her familiar piano riffs, as well.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what  she has up her musical sleeve in the future.


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