Got Your 1979 Who Tickets? They’re Still Good!

Remember back in 1979 when there was a tragic event at the Who concert in Cincinnati? 11 concert goers were trampled to death running  to get seats. The problem was that the whole event was festival seating meaning it was all general admission with no reserved seats. Imagine everyone barreling in to get good seats. I was barely old enough and think I mostly remember it because of an episode of the old sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. The show was based on a rock n roll radio station in Cincinnati and the oddballs who worked at the station…Herb Tarlik, Les Nessman, Dr. Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap and of course was the launching pad for Loni Anderson’s career. Obviously the show had to confront the situation.

The Who’s Pete Townshend reacts to the tragedy

One of the following concerts in Rhode Island was subsequently cancelled. Most of the ticket holders received refunds for their unused tickets. There were, however, some who kept their tickets as keepsakes. Turns out those tickets may be more valuable than anyone ever thought. Now as the Who is touring again in 2012, 33 years later, in support of their 1973 rock opera, “Quadrophenia,” those unused tickets are going to be honored for the upcoming concert.

1979 Who tickets to be honored

I just hope that they let those ‘kids’ who held on to their tickets keep the old stub…but the article in the above link seems to suggest the venue manager Lawrence Lepore, wants the old tickets. Even with his intent to donate the proceeds to charity…let them keep the tixs and generate a social media campaign for the charity….win win!!

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