My Concert Bucket List – BB King

There are more than a handful of living legends in the music world. Icons that transcend music and have become woven into our society. When the great Ray Charles passed away in 2004 I sadly realized that I would never see him perform live.

Since then, I started thinking who are the musicians I really want to see live, not to sound morbid but, before it is too late? Recently I saw Willie Nelson an American music legend. It was like listening to a living piece of Americana, so glad I went! There are so many more to see; Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Paul McCartney…

So I decided to start a new series called, “My Concert Bucket List,” highlighting a different icon in each post.

BB King, truly the “King” of the blues guitar.

Posted is a video of Mr. King from a 2001 concert at age 75 and he was in rare form. He is currently 86 and still touring with his sidekick, Lucille(his guitar) so go see him and show him some love.


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