American Idol Finale, Jessica Sanchez v. Phillip Phillips

Another season of Idol is all but in the books.  Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips battled it out the riffing diva v. the laid back melodist.Image

Who will win? If you go by pure vocal ability Jessica, although I think Joshua, voted off last week was the best singer this season. If you are going by cool factor Phillip has got it and he is a great singer in his own style.

Remembering the first show of the season, it was not very exciting and I was ready to give up on the season early. Then the last contestant walked in, a plain looking kid with his guitar and gave one of the best Idol performances I have ever heard certainly in the auditions round. Yep that was Phillip Philips the song was Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller.”

Since that moment he was my favorite and my pick to win. Win or lose I’m excited to hear the music he puts out. Hopefully, he will back away from the bad advice or the judges and handlers and do his own thing!!! I really hope “Thriller” is on his recording list.

So who is gonna win? ….PHILLIP!

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