Happy Mother’s Day

There is no doubt that music has always been in my blood.  Even long before I could play an instrument I loved listening to music.  My earliest memories are of listening on an old record player we had in had in the living room, the kind that looked like a big suitcase when it was closed.

The two records I remember most are a Sesame Street album with my favorite song “Rubber Ducky” (yeah I admit it!) and one of my mom’s, Roger Miller’s “Dear Folks Sorry I Haven’t Written Lately.”

For those of you unfamiliar with Roger Miller he was a country singer with somewhat of a comedic flair his style often made use of nonsensical lyrics. Miller was a true musical genius combining this ‘silly’ side with his songwriting skills.

There was one song in particular that I loved as a little kid. Well that record disappeared over time and I could not remember the name of that song, my mom couldn’t either and to make it even more difficult the album has been out of print and really hard to find even online.

I also remember listening and loving music while driving in the car with my mom. Whenever I got any money as a kid I would make her drive me down to the Wherehouse to buy 45s. Then when I was old enough to play an instrument I remember her driving me to lessons…trumpet, saxophone, piano, and guitar. She always supported my ‘habit’!! Even today she comes to many of my gigs.

Thanks mom for all your support over the years and supplying me with music in one form or another as a kid whether you realized it or not!

Love you, Happy Mother’s Day!


BTW, I finally found the long lost song the other day, it’s called “Whistle Stop.” Hearing the tune immediately takes me back to being five years old sitting in the living room listening with my mom!

The funniest thing is I remember what is sounded like and I have tried singing it to people to jog their memories…picture me singing this and trying to explain the song as you listen!


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