Coachella 2012

The power of music!

Coachella 2012 Lineup























What could transform a sleepy desert valley into the pop capitol of the world? Well for two weekends anyway it was the power of the music world.

The Coachella Festival 2012, April 13-15 and 20-22 sent the average age of the valley’s occupants plummeting as Gen. X’ers took over the usually silver community. Restaurants and hotels typically paced with golfers and snowbirds were swarmed with concert goers.

Outside of a handful of headliners each day I couldn’t tell you anything about the bands that played. I’ve never even heard of many of them. However, seeing the kids taking over the area reminded me of the festivals of my day most notably Monsters of Rock in 1988.

From the outside it looked like a win win for everyone. Concertgoers got one of the rare chances to attend an event they will remember the rest of their lives and Coachella Valley the got a prime chance to shine, bring in lots of business and host a world class event.

Hopefully, both sides will nurture the relationship and the Coachella Festival will continue for years to come.

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