Angus! AC/DC

You know the crazy guy in AC/DC that runs all over the stage with his schoolboy uniform, yeah that guy! It’s his birthday today, March 31.

Before I heard Eddie Van Halen, when I was twelve, and knew I wanted to be a guitarist, my favorite guitarist and biggest influence was Angus Young….he got me started on air guitar as a kid!!! Thanks for the music and influence over the years. Happy birthday!

It’s been said that when you hear a great musician you recognize the sound right away and Angus definitely falls in that category. He has an unmistakeable sound and is an excellent guitarist as well as showman. AC/DC was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

In a related note, the ‘Chuck Berry’ duck walk that Angus has done live for the past 30 years…Today is the 54th anniversary of the release of “Johnny B. Goode”, Berry’s signature tune.

March 31 a Rockin’ Day in the guitar world!

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