Command Your Guitar!

Took my buddy to see the Michael Schenker show Saturday at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. Great show and a great venue that has lots of big national acts pass through on tour.

I’ve been trying to get my friend to listen to Michael for years, but, I think seeing him live finally gave him the perspective of what the guy can do with a guitar.

After the show he said of Schenker, “He doesn’t make requests of the guitar he makes demands”

That is a great quote and something all musicians struggle with at some point especially while they are learning their craft. I try to pass this on to my students all the time, “Play music the way it makes you feel!” is what I repeatedly offer them.

When we listen to music in our rooms, cars, etc. we own it, tap our foot, dance, bang our heads..(you know you do!)

Often, however, when we perform music especially for others we hold back, become non-confident, self critical and don’t always enjoy ourselves the way music makes us feel.

Of course it takes hours and hours of practice and hard work to master an instrument, but…

Remember when you play to  Own it! Enjoy it! Demand it!

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