What is and What Should Never 4th & B

Wow! This was a surprise to me. The San Diego concert venue is closing it’s doors. Appears they had some legal and financial issues leading to their demise.

4th & B has been a cool and quirky place to see some major acts over the last 18 years. The theater was not very big and a great place to see some of the biggest acts in the world, although maybe not what they once were by the time 4th & B was able to book them.

I remember seeing guitarists Joe Satriani and George Thorogood, metal acts Queensryche and Ronnie James Dio and many local bands at the downtown venue. They also hosted all type of events including comedy and hypnotists.

What is next for the building that once housed a bank and became a San Diego music icon? Be great if someone could tale it over and keep the music alive!