Lucky Guy!

When I first got into teaching I was so thankful just to have a few students. I still feel grateful to have families bring their kids to the studio week after week.

Then when you realize they care about you too…it makes you feel really good! I am always taken back when clients/students think of me and my family at the holidays. It is never expected but always appreciated! Thank you all for the cards and gifts over the holidays.

Student Cards 2012

Here is to a musical 2013 on the guitar!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you all for following my blog! I appreciate all of you who follow and chat about my favorite subject…..MUSIC!

Thank you to all my wedding and performance clients, fellow musicians and students….it is a pleasure to share music with all of you!

What does 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook Mean? Thank You!

What does 100 likes mean on Facebook?

Well to mega stars/companies it might mean it was a slow hour.

To people that use Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms just to get likes, follows, re-tweets etc for no other reason than to boost their ego…it might make their day.

What does it mean to me? Everything!

It means that I have friends, family, fans, students, colleagues and music lovers that appreciate and support my musical endeavors.

Music has always made a better world in my world and I hope to pass that same power of music to you, even if it comes from sharing a  photo, music joke, my musical journey, a gigantic symphonic work, a three chord rock song or whatever catches my ear on a daily basis!

I appreciate all the support!

Thank You by Led Zeppelin